One Fact Every Instagram Business Should Know

Here’s one fact that many businesses on Instagram forget:

Instagram is NOT all about YOU. It’s about your AUDIENCE.

A lot of businesses start on the platform with the thought of increasing engagement and focusing only on increasing their followers, likes, and comments.

Don’t let that mindset affect you!

Instead of just thinking about your Instagram statistics, why not think of these:

- What does my target market need?

- What problems do they have?

- What solutions can I give?

When you shift your focus from the results you want to see on your Instagram to what will actually benefit your audience, people will naturally want to connect with you. Your community will grow, and you’ll have followers who will most likely turn into loyal customers.

The bottom line? Set your Instagram objectives right, and you wouldn’t have to worry about engagement ever again.

What struggles do you have with your business?

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